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Race Report by Benoit Thomaes
Round 4 of the Belgian Nationals was held last weekend under sunny and hot conditions at the huge track located in the western part of the country. In EFRA class, I took TQ after improving my best time in each qualification round and posting the fastest time of the day. Thomas Stockman took the #2 spot ahead of Manuel Heriet.

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The temperature was still rising and in the first corner after the start of the first final, my car’s handling was nothing compared to the morning; it was understeering badly. Thomas took the early the lead after the 3rd place car hit me. I quickly returned to 2nd place and started chasing Thomas. I overtook Thomas in what was supposed to be the last corner of the last lap, but a bad announcement at the supposed 5min mark meant that the race had already finished the lap before.

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Final 2 saw a close and respectable battle between the 1st and 2nd place cars, with Benoit taking the win in that final. Final 3 was the deciding one and after leading the race from the start, Thomas took the lead and the overall win. Well done, Thomas!

In the Superstock Class, Cedric Gils took 3rd on the podium, closing off a good weekend for Team XRAY. See you in 2 weeks for Round 5!

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EFRA Final - Top 10:

1. Thomas Stockman XRAY T2'009
2. Benoit Thomaes XRAY T2'009

3. Olivier Bultynck
4. Manuel Henriet
5. Nick Joosens
6. Patrick Jespers
7. Rico Claeys
8. Nick Weyers XRAY T2'009
9. Yves Zoma
10. Giovanni Martens

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Superstock Final - Top 10:

1. Geoffrey Vekemans
2. Stephane Roufosse
3. Cedric Gils XRAY T2'009
4. Renaud Gysembergh
5. Nick Logie XRAY T2'009
6. Olivier Riffon
7. Pasquinel Neys
8. Glen Willems
9. Gregory Wernier
10. Marc Tebaldi XRAY T2'009

Photos by Alain Sergeys.

Thomas Stockman's Set-up sheet.