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n Saturday, August 29th, M.M.O.R.C. organised a night event at the Kordin track. This event was an organized warm-up race for the new racing season which was approaching. The race started at 8:00PM and we did this on purpose in order to avoid the high temperatures that we have in Malta during these summer months... so our racers can enjoy racing to the fullest.

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The event consisted of five rounds and points were awarded according to the position obtained in these races. Duncan Compagnio with his Picco-powered XRAY XB808 (shod with DLD tyres and Ultimate racing products) dominated and won the event by wining all the rounds. There was an interesting battle for 2nd and 3rd place between Clint Galea and Frank Azzopardi. Clint won that battle with his XRAY XB808, and Frank finished in 3rd place.

Final results:

1. Duncan Compagnio XRAY XB808
2. Clint Galea XRAY XB808

3. Frank Azzopardi

Overall it was a great evening for all the racers which enjoyed non-stop racing under the Maltese stars.