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Race report by Benoit Thomaes
After a short break of 2 weeks, we travelled to the northern part of Begium for the fifth and penultimate round of Nationals.

Qualification went really well for XRAY as in the EFRA class it was a 1-2-3 result for the XRAY T2‘009 with Benoit Thomaes leading over Thomas Stockman and Nick Weyers. In Superstock class it was Nick Logie (XRAY T2‘009) who drove perfect lines to claimed the overall TQ.

During the finals in the EFRA class, it was a little bit strange as some drivers showed a lack of respect and sportmanship. The first final was won by O.Bultink after some crashes and an intense last lap. The second final was won by B.Thomaes starting from pole who never looked back. The third final was the one that would decide the overall winner. B. Thomeas was leading with T. Stockman chasing. With 1:30 to go, T. Stockman tried to pass the lead car at the end of the straight in the long sweeper, but this desperate move resulted in a crash kicking B. Thomaes off the track and ruining any chance of an XRAY car winning the race.

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Final Results:

1. Olivier Bultynck
2. Manuel Henriet
3. Thomas Stockman XRAY T2’009

In Superstock class, Nick Logie (XRAY T2'009) drove perfectly well in all three finals and gave no chance to other competitors; he won this round with style.

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Pictures by www.redrc.net