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Biagio Spataro is a real newcomer in the 1/10 F1 racing class, but he was so fast and consistent that he won all 3 rounds. What is even more impressive is that his laptimes and total time after the finals could make him the all time podium finisher of the Expert class. Despite the bad luck he had at the A Euro's in Gubbio, he showed a superb performance making the direct final in front of champion drivers who have raced for so many years. We are sure this young guy will get even better in the future.

Final Results:

1. Biagio Spataro XRAY NT1
2. Michele Scaglioni XRAY NT1

3. Alessandro Bracci
4. Giuseppe Musolino
5. Daniele Agostinelli XRAY NT1
6. Michele Perniciaro
7. Alessio Agostinelli XRAY NT1
8. Alex Rinati XRAY NT1
9. Francesco Eboli XRAY NT1
10. Enrico Avoni XRAY NT1


It was a full XRAY podium at the last nationals F2 in Riccione. Marco Zagni also won the National 2009 title with his Max-powered XRAY NT1. The final was exciting between Zagni and Pezzotta, with the leader Zagni making a tyre change in the middle of the race. Pezzotta was leading then, but his tyre change was delayed at only 10 minutes from the end. Due to the low tyre diameter, he lost a lot of time so after his tyre change Marco zagni was ahead by 2 laps.

Final Results:

1. Marco Zagni XRAY NT1
2. Alessandro Pezzota XRAY NT1
3. Simone Brocca XRAY NT1
4. Biagio Verbicaro XRAY NT1

5. Davide Giuliano
6. Luca Serazio
7. Marco Alagna
8. Mattia Lorenzetti XRAY NT1
9. Massimiliano Mercanti
10. Massimo Caglioti XRAY NT1

Congratulations to them for the excellent results.