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The final round of the Spanish Championship took place in the beautiful city of Valladolid on September 18/19.


I ended up qualifying for the quarter finals during the heats due to several problems I encountered. The only valid strategy I had was to run safely but quickly to secure my place in the Final.

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During the quarter-final I had no problem moving ahead through the crowd, ending up finishing by one lap ahead the 2nd place driver. Like I said before: safe and fast. The semi-finals looked even harder than quarter-finals with drivers like Borja Hernndez, Ricardo Gmez, Ral Peris, Daniel Vega and many other fast drivers to compete against. I was able to calm my nerves and drive faster in order to claim my place in the main final.

The main final was a true battle... very hard and very fast. By this point I was tired and this caused me to make some mistakes. As a result, I finished in 7th place. I think my driving was fast enough to be in the top 5, but this is top-level racing with little room for mistakes.

With this race the championship reached to its end, and I have to say it has been a sweet end.

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The team performance plus the high level of performance and reliability of the XB808 has crystalized in the best result of my racing days. I am looking forward for more races, and more victories!

I want to thank to Micromodel and XRAY for their support.

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Final results of the 1:8 off-road Spanish Nationals:

1. Robert Batlle
2. Borja Hernandez
3. Ricardo Gmez
4. Daniel Vega
5. Bryant Baldo XRAY XB808

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In the +40 race, my father Antonio Baldo won the race and the Championship for the second year in a row.

Final Championship +40 results:

1. Antonio Baldo XRAY XB808

2. Jaime Puche
3. Roberto Dez