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Race report by Brennan Ralls
Sunday the 25th of October was Rnd 8 of the Action park series, this track has had many changes over the last few years in committee & name, Novarossi raceway is a one name it was better known as but all in all still a great astro turf track with very good on site facilities to cater for any size event. For some of the Uk Xray team we planned a fun road trip along with Pirate rc with a chance to meet up again with of our overseas friends also up for the fun .Barkley Abernethy from Ireland making the trip & the Legendary Ian Haley from down under Australia on a trip home to visit family but could not resist the chance to race.

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Rnd 1 Bren was off to a good start but some errors with back markers gave the private battle to Ian & 4th in round gave him a big grin. With Barkley also getting a good run the inter team battle would be hot for the top spot & the banter in the pits fuelled it more.

Rnd 2 with the track getting faster Bren stepped up the game to post a top 4 time & would level things out.

Rnd 3 Ian opted for a brave move on tyre's & i remember his words well lets play it will be a chuckle, Yes it was for us but the Aussie style drifting gave him a respectable time & a top 10 finish. Bren still topped the Team with again a 4th in rnd & made it 2:1.

A lunch break gave us time to work on Ian's car & a more UK based setup, a quick practice found him some great pace & the potential for an easy top 5 time but it was just now down to the luck of the heat.

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Rnd 4 & the last chance saloon for all as it was FTD qualifying & only 8 would go straight into the main, the track was at its fastest so it was all to play for. Bren went 6th in round & Barkley snuck it in 8th. A heroic drive from Ian but i guess the even higher grip was very alien to what he was used to back home & it was not to be, so extra track time & hopefully a bump up spot.

History & knowledge of the track we knew the high grip would go & become greasy but at what point is always the question.

The start of the B & Ian was off to a good start, the high grip still making him nervous but the old silver streaks are there for a reason :) & these would shine through working him through to 2nd. The 10 minute stop gang would punish us & Ian's extra stop was enough to cost the bump up but a sterling drive & hard fought battle on a surface that can take months of practice to master, Ian done it in his first attempt & is a great achievement.

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The A final Bren & Barkley were now representing the Xray cause with both getting a clear start, Bren got away in 3rd tucked in behind Brunsden & Boots, he would tag on & pull a healthy gap. Barkley would be in the mid pack battle & this he did all race, Bren retained his position all race & was rewarded with 3rd on the podium.

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Final results:

1. Elliott Boots
2. Kevin Brunsden
3. Brennan Ralls XRAY XB808

The event was a great opportunity to meet with Ian other than what has been email in the past, learning allot from each other which gives plenty to think about in the future . The rest of the team all enjoyed the banter of the day & for me to meet a true great ambassador for Xray was a memorable & pleasurable day. A traditional team hug at the end manly of course & look forward to when we can meet & race again.

Thanks to XRAY / HUDY , RC DisCo, Cml ,Piraterc & Kifopaint.

Brennan Ralls's Set-up sheet.