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Race report by Schär Traugott
The fourth and last round of the Swiss Championship 1/10 I.C. 200mm took place on the weekend of October 4/5. The race was in Ticino on the Track where the 2010 Euro B will take place. Sunny weather was forecast for the whole weekend.

Saturday was free practice, and Monika and I arrived at the MRTM track in Lostallo at about 10.30. To become Swiss champion 2009, I could not finish lower than 2nd place should Beat Wälti win the race. I knew it was going to be close, and was determined not to make it too easy for Beat.

So off it was onto the rostrum to practice the track layout. This specific layout went through a part of the track that was not used a lot so we had to find grip there. On the rest of the track there was a lot of rubber from the 1/5th scale formula cars which had had an EFRA GP shortly before. Personally, I found the layout to be somewhat unrhythmical.

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I decided not to change a lot on the NT1 and hoped for a bit more grip in the afternoon. Before lunch I had to clean all the belt pulleys which were filled with rubber from the 1/5th cars and I put my spare engine into the car since I wanted to break in a new piston and sleeve.

In the afternoon I ran in the engine, and the car was running well. As always in Lostallo, I didn’t have enough steering and had too much wheelspin when accelerating. Near the end of the practice we changed as planned from the Altis body shell to the DNA body. My NT1 was then running truly great and I had a good feeling for the race on Sunday.

On Sunday morning it was sunny again, but it was very cold. There was a group practice and then three qualifying rounds. Saturday’s feeling about my car didn’t deceive me and it was very fast. After two rounds I was on pole ahead of Daniel Born, Dirk Stammler, and Beat Wälti. Right before the end of the third round I made an error and Dirk Stammler took the Pole by a few tenths. After the qualifying rounds it was now this order: 1st Dirk Stammler, 2nd Traugott Schär, 3rd Daniel Born and 4th Beat Wälti.

The drivers qualifying into the A-final through the semi-finals were Petros Diamantogiannis, Matthias Meier, Reto Felix, Jeremy Noirat, Giacomo Moretti, and Heli Spreng.

The start of the A-final went very well for me. I came into the first corner in 2nd place right behind Dirk Stammler and could apply some pressure right away. After a short time Dirk let me pass and I pulled away. After 8 laps, Dirk had a mechanical failure and dropped out of the race. After that I tried to save my tires and together with Monika’s very fast pit stops I soon had a 1-lap lead over the other drivers. Now I had to bring the lead to the finish line, and after 30 minutes I crossed the line in 1st place ahead of Beat Wälti and Matthias Meier. I was very happy! The NT1 with Picco engine ran perfectly and I still had enough tires left, something I worried about before the race.

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Results SC race Ticino:

1 Tragott Schär XRAY NT1
2 Wälti Beat XRAY NT1

3 Meier Matthias
4 Born Daniel XRAY NT1
5 Diamantogiannis Petros NT1
6 Felix Reto
7 Spreng Helli 8 Moretti Giacomo
9 Noirat Jeremy NT1
10 Stammler Dirk

It was an all-around perfect weekend with a victory and the 2009 Swiss Championship title.

I wish to sincerely thank my mechanic Monika and also the race organizer MRTM.
Many thanks to XRAY, HUDY, Picco and Runner Time for their great products.
I’m looking forward to 2010 and to the Euro B in wonderful Ticino.

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Results Swiss Championship 2009:

1 Schär Traugott XRAY NT1
2 Wälti Beat XRAY NT1
3 Diamantogiannis Petros XRAY NT1

4 Moretti Giacomo
5 Bonetti Giovanni
6 Reiser Marco XRAY NT1 Junior Champion
7 Spreng Helli
8 Heim Marc XRAY NT1
8 Larocca Donato
10 Ackermann Monika XRAY NT1