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Report by Florian Laux
In 2009, the XRAY Nitromasters was battled out over 5 rounds and reached a previously unknown level of popularity in this, its 10th year, with over 150 participants. This is thanks to the use of cost-saving standard tyres and the superb work done for the youngsters in this series. Truggy and Buggy once again raced in separate classes.

2009 results:

1st round, Sand am Main

Buggy winner: Phillip Müller
Buggy winner: Benjamin Doleschal
Youth winner: Pascal Deppert

2nd round, Kulmbach:

Buggy winner: Oliver Simon
Truggy winner: Armin Kobler
Youth winner: Pascal Deppert

3rd round, Albertshofen:

Buggy winner: Markus Wende
Truggy winner: Bernd Langbein
Youth winner: Tobias Weinmann

4th round, Albertshofen:

Buggy winner: Phillip Müller
Truggy winner: Bernd Langbein
Youth winner: Christopher Schellein

5th round, Sand am Main:

Buggy winner: Phillip Müller
Truggy winner: Bernd Langbein
Junior winner: Winterstein Sebastian

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2009 overall results:


1.Phillip Müller XRAY XB808
2.Thomas Süßmuth XRAY XB808
3.Ralf Bauer XRAY XB808


1. Bernd Langbein XRAY XT8

40+ winner

Bernd Langbein XRAY 808

Thanks to the event organizers for the superb races. We are looking forward to the 2010 XRAY Nitromasters.