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Race Report by Bryan Baldo
XB808 Vice-champion at Andalucia Championships – Round 8. The last round of Andalucia champs was held in Antas (Almeria) on November 7/8 with more than 80 drivers attending this last race.

Qualifying and semi-finals
Bryan – due to many mistakes in his set-up – reached last in the semi-finals; his final position for the final was 9th His brother Oscar (only 12 years old) took the last place for the final. GREAT!!!!!!

In the semifinals after close battles with Carmelo Baldo (uncle of Bryan and Oscar, but not an XRAY driver), and Angel Roque he finished 3rd and Oscar finished 5th.

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In the main final after 45 minutes of battling, the top 3 drivers were separated by only 5 seconds. Bryan’s final position was 2nd place and he also had the fastest lap of the main final. Oscar was 10th due to several problems.

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Final Results:

1. Aberto Garcia
3. Juanma vera
10. OSCAR BALDO XRAY XB808 12 years old

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Special thanks to Micromodel and XRAY for their support.