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Report by Ari Bakla
New XRAY driver Ari Bakla has had a flying start to the 2010 Racing Season. Qualifying 3rd in Buggy and TQ in Truggy. Ari finished in 1st place for both Buggy and Truggy after the 30min A-Main. New XRAY Australia recruites Justin Snape and KC Shore had a strong A-Main performances too finishing 6th and 7th respectivly. XRAY cars had the fastest individual lap times and overal race times for the whole event.

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Race day stats:

February 20-21st
Maitland Offroad RC Car Club
Perfect sunny days 30deg C
3 Qualifies 30 Min A-Main
34 Second lap times
Smooth Blue Grooved surface
Entries capped at 100 Drivers

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Truggy A Main

1. Ari Bakla XRAY XT8
2. KC Shore XRAY XT8

3. Dallas Gardiner
4. Steve Sneddon
5. Brendhan Wade
6. Peter Hickey
7. Kev Lewis
8. Jomari Cura
9. Robert Flanagan
10. Jason Platt

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Buggy A Main

1. Ari Bakla XRAY XB808 2010

2. Andrew Gillott
3. Jarred King
4. Wayne Walker
5. Mathew Primmer
6. Justin Snape XRAY XB808 2010
7. KC Shore XRAY XB808 2010

8. Micheal Zlotkowski
9. Ben Panic
10. Scott Jones

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Ari Bakla's Truggy Set-up sheet.
Ari Bakla's Buggy Set-up sheet.