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Race report by Raniero Bassi
Last weekend was the opening round of the Sao Paulo State Championship, one of the most prestigious championships of Brazil. There were a record number of entries, including the Brazilian Champion and also the South American Champion!

During qualifying, Heitor Nogueira was driving his new XRAY XB808 2010 spec. He had a very good run and took the TQ just ahead of last year‘s S?o Paulo State champion.

In the semi-final, Heitor started on pole and chose a very good set of mud RCW tires. He won easily but one lap over the entire field.

During the Main Final – which was reduced to 20min due to lack of time because of the bad weather – Heitor once again started in 1st place and soon after the start he had a very good advantage. He continued to pull away all the way to the end of the race. At the end he again had one lap on 2nd place.

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Final results

1. Heitor Nogueira XRAY XB808 2010spec

2. Fabian Kaloustian
3. Fred Andres
4. Guilherme Vaz
5. Carlos Coltro