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Race report by Brennan Ralls
Sunday the 7th of March was Rnd 4 of the Clanfield winter series. With a high pressure sitting over the UK dominating the weather systems meant for dry weather & clear skies, although cold the track was dry & dusty & the first for this type of surface in for some 5 months. Turn out was good with about 60 drivers even with another local club clashing on dates took away some competitors the competition was good.

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The XRAY team looked strong with Jon Hazelwood, Bren Ralls & for RcDisco Adrian Eaton, Ben Kennett & John Wolfe meant we would put in a good show.

Jon showed great pace all day Tq ing all 4 rounds Bren unlucky with back markers never got a clean run in, but would give jon a run for his money in Rnd 2 to give a 1,2 in round & 4th on the grid.
John Wolfe showed consistency to squeeze in 9th on the grid.
Adrian & Ben secured a place in the B & the hard route to the main.

For the finals Ben was unlucky & just missed the bump up spot, Adrian drove well from the usual start & begining his battle from last. His consistency showed through to take the lead mid race & a win to secure his place in the main.

For the Main Jon would lead away closely follwed by Tommy Chung, Rob Racey & Bren. The four of us pulled away to a healthy buffer & pit stops would play a big factor. Bren being the only 10 minute stopper would leap frog into the lead & remained hear for a further 5 minutes till Jon finally hauled him in . A back marker put payed to Brens defence & allowed Tommy to get back in the frame. Jon was gone but from this point but Bren & tommy would battle to the line with Tommy finally taking the 2nd spot with a small mistake from Bren.

A great days racing with 4 XRAYs in the main meant a good day for the team.

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Final results
1. Jon Hazlewood XRAY XB808 2010
2. Tommy Chung
3. Brennan Ralls XRAY XB808 2010
4. Rob Rasey
5. Simon Yeung
6. Damian Tigwell
7. Adrian Svensson
8. Adrian Eaton XRAY XB808 2010
9. Jon Wolfe XRAY XB808 2010

10. Marc Jacka

Bren Ralls's Set-up sheet.

Thanks to my sponsors
XRAY, HUDY, RC DisCo, CML, Proline, Byron, KO, Custom Blitz, Apex Models.