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Marc Heim: The perfect race
The XB808 already felt great in the first two practice runs. During the qualification heats I tried different tyres and the car was so good that I won the second heat. After the qualification was over we had placed our XRAY cars on P2 (Marc), P3 (Robin) and P4 (Patrick Hess).

During the semi-final on Sunday I had to drive from another spot on the rostrum and I had some problems with it. I made a lot of mistakes and only after the pit stop could I improve my pace. I started the 30-minute final from 5th place. We had a clean start and all the drivers were very close. The drivers in front of me made some mistakes so I was up to 2nd place after only two laps.

My car felt great to drive and I stayed close to the race leader. Contrary to the semi final I did not make a single mistake any more and managed to take the lead and drive the race home in 1st place, winning the 3. MORC Indoor GP 2010 in Bütschwil.

I would like to thank the MORC for organizing a great race, my mechanics who did a great job in the pits, and also the other drivers for congratulating me on my race win.

Robin Frischkopf
After winning the 2009 MORC Indoor GP I was looking forward a lot to the 2010 GP. The track was more or less the same, the jumps were a bit different though. The winning set-up of 2009 already felt very planted while others had problems with a loose rear end. After some small set-up changes and a good run with no mistakes I managed to win the first qualification heat.

For the next 3 qualifiers I tried some more set-up changes and tyres with different inserts but didn’t have a lot of success. I couldn’t drive as well anymore and dropped a few places, finishing the qualification in 3rd overall.

On Sunday it was even colder than on Saturday and my semi-final didn’t go so well. The set-up was now fine again after some tweaks, but I made some mistakes and also my tyres became unglued towards the end of the semi-final.
I started the final from P6. In the semi-final I noticed the track had a lot more grip now, so I went back to the standard sway bar in front to take some bite away. This made the car easier to drive.

The start also went great for me and after a few minutes I was able to make up places. In the middle of the final – after a great battle with Jeremy Pittet – I was on P2 following Marc (a few seconds behind) and planning on making up some more time. But then the tyres became unstuck again and the car became very difficult to drive and jump and it landed on its roof a few times. I had to let Jeremy Pittet go and try to salvage 3rd place, which I luckily managed despite the other very strong drivers.

I was very happy for Marc and reasonably happy with my own result. The car handled great and everything worked except the tyres (which failed). I also managed to drive the fastest lap during the final. Patrick Hess had a solid race and put his 808 in 5th position.

Final buggy results
1. Heim Marc XRAY XB808
2. Pittet Jeremy
3. Frischkopf Robin XRAY XB808
4. Hofer Patrick
5. Hess Patrick XRAY XB808
6. Byesse Stefan
7. Wüthrich Stefan
8. Stammler Dirk
9. Pfeifer Gerd
10. Jakob Grégory

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Marc's final buggy set-up

Robin's final buggy set-up

YouTube Video 2010 Indoor GP Final