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Race report by Luis Vieira
Last weekend on March 13/14, the second race of the RC South Trophy was held at the new Track of MAC (Modelismo Alentejo CLube) in Évora, Portugal. On a sunny day there were 52 excited drivers ready to try the new track. Some drivers said that the layout of the track had some technical jumps and tricky areas regarding viewing perspective in the pit stand driving area, but overall the track exceeded the expectations of many drivers.

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During the morning of qualifying heats, a loosened nut and engine flameout (maybe caused by a small rock from the track sticking the flywheel) put me into 12th place in general qualifications.

The Finals started in the afternoon. I was placed in the Final B and won the Final with 42 laps and a best lap time of 39.318sec. The 808 chassis was very quick and easy to drive over jumps and in the technical areas.

Meanwhile, I had to wait for the end of the Final A to know if I won or not because it’s a different scoring where all drivers are placed in different finals based on their qualifying. All have the same amount of time and this means that all have a chance of winning the race!

However, in the end I ended up by winning the race with 42 laps and a 2-lap lead over the 2nd place driver.

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Final results
1. Luis Vieira XRAY XB808 2010
2. Nuno Rola XRAY XB808 2010

3. António Peixe
4. Joao Pessoa
5. Nuno La XRAY XB808 2010
6. Luis Ferrao XRAY XB808 2010
7. Paulo Carvalho XRAY XB808 2010

8. Pedro Tendinha
9. Rafael Costa
10. Bruno Costa

Luis Vieira's Set-up sheet.

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