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The first race of XRAY Off-Road Trophy Portugal took place at Montijo track. After a several weeks of rain we got a fantastic sunny day. The race was attended by 29 drivers .

The new race format allows the drivers to race 4 series of heats - 5, 7, 10 and 13 min. and a 40 min final.

The first round winner became Bruno Coelho followed by XRAY Team driver Luis Vieira.

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Final results:
1. Bruno Coelho
2. Luis Vieira XRAY XB808 2010
3. Bruno Pereira
4. Nuno La XRAY XB808 2010
5. Jaime Sena
6. Luis Simoes XRAY XB808
7. Andre Marta XRAY XB808 2010

8. Goncalo Melo
9. Luis Costa XRAY XB808 2010
10. Fernando Oliveira