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Race report by Jerry Davis
The 2010 Auckland Championships were held over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of March at the fast and flowing ARCCC track in Otahuhu. Fridays practice went smoothly with bright sunshine greeting the near full field who showed up to tweak their setups and engines. For me the 4 hour session went well with the car dialing in nicely by the end.

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Saturday dawned and it seemed we would be blessed with cloudy conditions and maybe a small respite from the practice day sun. Qualifying was decided from three of five rounds counting towards the final points tally. Heats would be 7 minutes in duration. The track was watered in the morning and staggered throughout the day and combined with the cloud, it made for a great day of racing. By the end, I was placed in 4th position. The finals day was set to be a cracker with more hot weather predicted.

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The Semi was a fantastic race with the car handling well and I was really starting to get into the groove. I quickly stretched out a 3/4 lap lead and by half way I was cruising and maintaining my advantage until a tyre came unglued and a quick stop was needed to fix the problem. My team made the change and I re-entered the race only 8 seconds behind the leader. I soon regained the lead and began to etch out another substantial lead which ended up being a lap by the end. The time set was also good enough to start me off pole for the final.

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The Championship final was another beauty for Team XRAY as everything came together to hold fastest lap and have a 2-lap margin over second by the end of the 45 minute main. The XRAY was a a dream to drive compared to my main rivals and performed flawlessly. The XRAY 808 handles well in any conditions has everything I need to consistently be at the top of the time sheets.

I would like to thank XRAY Slovakia and our local distributor Zoom Resources for their on going support.

Final results:
1. Jerry Davis XRAY XB808 2010 Spec
2. Chris Banham
3. Mike Stratford
4. Craig Underwood
5. Graeme Mcdougal
6. Adrian Lorenzen XRAY XB808 2010 Spec
7. Jonathan Collucio
8. Jordan Burley
9. Nathan Toia
10. Peter Brimmer