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Race report by Shafiq and Amirul
The first race of the Trust Hobby Racing XRAY Malaysia Cup Race took place on 28 March 2010 with 20 participants. The morning sunshine and high track temperature made the heats difficult to drive.

The first round of qualifying started at 9:30am. The first heat was very good for Amirul who got 24 laps @ 12sec every lap. Shafiq's engine unfortunately broke down after just 1 minute. In the second heat, Shafiq changed to his Nova 353 engine and got 24 laps because the engine ran out of fuel in the sweeper. The third heat was great as Amirul and Shafiq battled. After 3 minutes run, Amirul had some crashes and that left him with 23 laps while Shafiq
got 25 laps @ 11.3sec every lap and the TQ.

Qualifying order:
1.Shafiq N.L.D XRAY NT1
2.Amirul D.K XRAY NT1

4.Samad XRAY NT1
6.Raihan XRAY NT1
8.Hanafi XRAY NT1
9.Simon Lee

In the 45min A-main final, Shafiq and Amirul had a good start and pulled away from the pack, both drivers battling in every corner with less than 0.3sec separating them. After 10 minutes, Shafiq’s car broke down and dropped to 9th place. Shafiq’s brake ran out and he started back after fixing his car for 4 minutes. He caught back up and got up to 4th place, then Shafiq’s car lost control in the long straight and put him back to 9th place. There was no problem with the car, but some of the wires got torn. He started back with 20 minutes left in the final. He caught up and got 3rd place.

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Final results
1. Amirul D.K XRAY NT1
2. Zaliq
3. Shafiq N.L.D XRAY NT1
4. Raihan XRAY NT1
5. Hanafi XRAY NT1
6. Samad XRAY NT1

7. Zid
8. Albert
9. Simon Lee

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