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Race report by Quido Barbera
At the beautiful Gubbio track, where last year was held the European Championship, began the first race of the Championship Italian touring 1/10.

The organization and direction of the race has always been very efficient a great performance thanks to the cooperation and supervision of AMSCI ( Italian Federation). Approximately 100 drivers were divided into three categories: F1-F2- EXPERT. The race was held over three days. The first qualifier was on Friday evening and on Saturday there were three other qualifications. The semifinal and final were on Sunday.

The weather made the race difficult because it was very variable. It was only sunny on Sunday.

Qualification results

Category F1: 27 drivers
1. Agostinelli Daniele XRAY NT1
2. Borrelli Ciro XRAY NT1
3. Rinati Alex XRAY NT1
4. Collavo Mattia XRAY NT1
5. Zagni Marco XRAY NT1

Category F2: 51 drivers
1. Verbicaro Biagio XRAY NT1
2. Lorenzetti Mattia XRAY NT1

3. Giaimo Rosario
4. Culoma Claudio

Category EXPERT: 19 drivers - almost all drivers fell below the previous track record 16※00, this testifies to the high level. After the qualifications two XRAY went directly into the final:

1. Ielasi Daniele
2. Giacalone Dino XRAY NT1
3. Tironi Francesco
4. De Felici Giorgio XRAY NT1
5. Balestri Dario
6. Barbera Guido XRAY NT1
7. Gentile Umberto
8. Spiniello Mario
9. Costanzo Christian
10. Mazzeo Alessio

Final results

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45 minutes with 8drivers XRAY and three drivers on the podium

1. Borrelli Ciro XRAY NT1
2. Zagni Marco XRAY NT1
3. Collavo Mattia XRAY NT1
4. Agostinelli Daniele XRAY NT1
5. Rinati Alex XRAY NT1
6. Piersante Dante XRAY NT1

7. Scaglioni Michele
8. Festuccia Marco XRAY NT1
9. Ossola Walter XRAY NT1

10. Codazzi Claudio

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1. Lorenzetti Mattia XRAY NT1
2. Rossetti Michele
3. Licciardello Simone
4. Carrato William XRAY NT1
5. Modesto Elia
6. Culoma Claudio
7. Verbicaro Biagio XRAY NT1
8. Distefano Luciano
9. Benedetti Alessio XRAY NT1
10. Gaimo Rosario

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Mid-race tire replacement, except BARBERA that not having replaced its Src shore 40, in the last 5 minutes final he preferred to slow down and maintain the podium. Best lap 15.973 Francesco Tironi

1. Tironi Francesco
2. Balestri Dario
3. Barbera Guido XRAY NT1
4. Duina Niki
5. DeFelici Giorgio XRAY NT1
6. Spiniello Mario
7. Gentile Umberto
8. Ielasi Daniele
9. Mazzeo Alessio
10. Giacalone Dino XRAY NT1

The second race of the Championship will be held in Messina (Sicily) in June.