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Race report by Luis Vieira
Last weekend of April I went to the second round of South Regional located in Beja Track. The race was attended by 36 drivers. Qualifications went well considering that I had to change my setup during the qualifications because the track was very slippery. At the end of qualifications I took TQ.

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Finals started in the afternoon. I won my semi-final in a smooth manner and placed first in the final.

I made some mistakes in the beginning and Nuno La went into the lead, but he had a engine stoppage and I took over the lead and won the race by 2 laps, and with the fastest lap of the final after 45 minutes of racing.

Final Results
1. Luis Vieira XRAY XB808
2. Carlos Sancho XRAY XB808
3. Hugo Mata XRAY XB808

4. Andre Lima
5. Nuno La XRAY XB808
6. Concalo Loios
7. Antonio Andrada XRAY XB808
8. Nuno Rola XRAY XB808
9. Miguel Reis XRAY XB808

10. Pedro Tendinha

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Luis Vieira's Set-up sheet