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Andy Moore will drive the new Xray Evo2, 2003 for this year's race season, with power being provided by Peak Performance and Vega Digital,

Andy Moore was British Touring Car Champion in 2001 and won consecutive Carpet Masters titles in 2001 and 2002. He was European Champion in Pro 10 and won other British Championships in 1/12th. He has qualified for a number of World and European Championship "A" Finals. He is a class act in many different racing classes.

Andy is buoyant about the new deal. He said "I am extremely excited about the coming season. It's a great feeling to have the very enthusiastic support, which I am getting from the whole Team. The Xray is beautiful, and If its half as quick as it looks, then that'll do for me!"

Andy Moore will partner multi Tamiya Champion Andy Childs, on like equipment, to tackle this year's British Championship. The International program will begin at this year's Touring Car Masters and include the European Championship. The race programme which will also include the next Touring Car World Championship, currently expected to be in the USA in 2004.