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Race report by Derrick Miller
The South Australian GP Onroad State Titles have been run and won, afetr a gruelling 3 days of racing Team XRAY showing they can mix it with anyone. The Littlehampton track will be holding the Australian National titles in October 2010 so entries were high due to people using this as a early warmup.

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Team XRAY was off to a great start as after the first two heats we had 2 of 4 XRAYs in the top ten (Derrick Miller and Gavin Gray). John Germanous and Adam Bailey had speed but had not managed a clean trouble free run and were running mid field. By the end of Saturday’s racing and with 5 heats completed it was time to get the cars ready for the final day.

As the track conditions were not looking as good as the previous day we decided to try some setup changes with the cars and get ready for the semi finals. Using the last heat as a test for the semi’s paid off resulting in all four XRAY drivers qualifying in the top fifteen.

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After the first of two semi finals Team XRAY had 2 cars into the finals (Derrick Miller and Adam Bailey). However John Germanous after 15mins of racing had fallen victim to the Adelaide’s abrasive track and ran out of rear tyres, whilst Gavin in the second semi unfortunately suffered from a couple of flame outs in his pit stops. Despite this they both finished their heats and placed in 12th and 11th places respectively. Although I am sure if they had not had these problems we would of had all 4 XRAYs in the A main final.

Rounding up we had a great weekend with Derrick finishing in 5th and Adam in 7th. We all gained some valuable track time and some great base setups to work from when we return to race there for the National Titles later on in the year.

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Final results
1. Jesse Davis
2. Peter Jovanovic
3. Jeff Hammon
4. Paul Patterson
5. Derick Miller XRAY NT1
6. Thorskin Tomikine
7. Adam Baily XRAY NT1
8. Rick Bartalozzi
9. Steven Jovonovic
10. Andrew Bardetta
11. Gavin Gray XRAY NT1
12. John Germanous XRAY NT1

Set-up sheets
Derrick Miller
John Germanous
Gavin Gray

Tourer A-Main Final Part 1
Tourer A-Main Final Part 2