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Race report from Fanatix
One of the best races in Athens was held at the Fanatix Racing Track and hosted by the Hellenic Modelling Federation (Elme). It was a very challenging race with many drivers from all over the country battling for the title. XRAY put four cars into the main final.

The track became very difficult to drive after the qualification and lower finals. A very balanced car was needed to handle the jumps.

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After qualification the first 3 cars were XRAY: TQ and 2 XRAY cars on the podium.

Qualification results:

1. Paparegkas XRAY XB808
2. Louis XRAY XB808
3. Delbederis XRAY XB808

4. Kodouzoglou
5. Euthimiou XRAY XB808
6. Terzis
7. Sarigiannis
8. Tsismenakis
9. Neris
10. Madianos

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A Final results:

1. Paparegkas Tasos XRAY XB808

2. Kodouzoglou
3. Louis XRAY XB808
4. Tsismenakis
5. Sarigiannis
6. Euthimiou XRAY XB808
7. Madianos
8. Delbederis XRAY XB808
9. Terzis
10. Neris

B Final winner:

1. Paparegkas John. XRAY XB808

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Congratulations to all XRAY drivers for their great efforts and many thanks to XRAY for all of their support.

More photos at here.