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Race report by Drew Ellis
The 2010 Roar On-road Gas Nationals was held in Lincoln, Nebraska on June 7th-13th. Team RCAmerica/ XRAY drivers in attendance was Ralph Burch, Paul Lemieux, Chris Dosack, Tom Espo, Diatta Collymore and many support drivers. Drew Ellis was there to help the team also. This race is a qual points format with the top 4 going to the A-main and everyone else racing to get in. Tuesday and Wednesday would be all day practice. Thursday is half day of practice with the first round of qualifying also. Friday and Saturday will be qualifying with Sunday being the main events.

The track has a very fast flow. With the lap times getting down in the low 14s. The surface was not sealed and had a good groove on it with little to no bumps. In practice the whole XRAY team looked good but the standouts were Paul Lemieux and Ralph Burch with their Max powered NT1’s. Both cars were performing well.

In qualifying Paul TQ’ed the first round with a clean run. The second round Paolo grabbed the TQ spot. Round 3, 4 and 5 went to Ralph Burch who would take the overall top qualifier spot for the 2010 Roar Nationals.

Top Four after Qualifying
1. Ralph Burch XRAY NT1

2. Paolo Morganti
3. Paul Lemieux XRAY NT1
4. Mike Swauger

In the main which was set to be a good final. Because of the whether the RMT crew thought it was best to shorten the final from an hour to 45 minutes. The horn went off and Ralph made a small bobble and let Paolo and Paul by. A few minutes’ later Paul passes Paolo for the lead and Ralph passes Paolo for second. Paul and Ralph ran in that order for a few more laps. Paul then let Ralph go because Ralph’s car was coming in a little faster than Paul’s. They ran like that nose to tail for about ten minutes. Ralph then gapped Paul by three seconds. Ralph then had a problem with his car and hit the inside of the sweeper coming on the straight away which sent him into the outside wall on his roof. Then was hit by another racer. Paul then took control of the lead and didn’t look back. Congrat’s to Paul Lemiuex for winning with his Max Powered XRAY NT1 and becoming the 2010 Roar Gas National Champ. Back to Back.

A-main Results
1. Paul Lemieux XRAY NT1
2. Mike Swauger
3. Chris Tosolini
4. Scott Kimbrow
5. Josh Cryul
6. Diatta Collymore XRAY NT1
7. Chris Doseck XRAY NT1

8. Scott Fisher
9. Ralph Burch XRAY NT1
10. Paolo Morganti

Thanks to XRAY, HUDY and Max Power. The host track Midwest Racers Organization and the RMT crew from Roar did a great job with running the event. Congrats to all the winners. Thanks to the whole RCAmerica/XRAY team for putting in some hard work and getting great results.