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Race report by Robin Frischkopf
The second “unofficial” Swiss Truggy Championship was held on June 12/13. It’s an unofficial championship because there was no truggy category sanctioned by the national RC association yet. But that didn’t stop 26 truggy drivers from all over Switzerland from attending the race! Last year – when it was held for the first time (and where I won) – there were even more drivers (also from Germany and Austria) but this year some other races scheduled at the same time meant there were a lot fewer truggy racers attending.

To fill up the field at the same time there was a Buggy Grand Prix with 44 drivers – many driving both categories – and even the first ever electric-only 1/8th race had 5 drivers. The MORC Oberbüren had prepared a very fine new track with lots of elevation changes, jumps and obstacles… and even a concrete banked corner at the end of the long straight!

Early Saturday morning it rained for about two hours, but then luckily the weather improved a lot and the track dried up. We ran the entire Saturday with 4 qualifying heats for each category. It was a bit stressful to drive and then marshall two categories, and I also had to pit for two of my clubmates, but it was a lot of fun and time passed quickly. I couldn’t make any setup changes to my cars all day (apart from trying different tyres), but they both ran very well so it was no problem. At the end the truggy was even a bit faster than the buggy, but overall times of the heats were about the same. I managed to win both categories by TQ‘ing each one twice, but in the end only by 1 second each over the 2nd place drivers Ronny (Truggy) and Sven (Buggy). It was very close and we were looking forward to the finals on Sunday.

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On Saturday evening however there was a brand new thing: The Sprint for Cash. About 30 drivers took part, each paying 5 francs to enter. The races had 4 cars each, starting through a motocross gate and completing only 2 laps, with the top two drivers advancing further and eventually into the finale, where the top 3 drivers would split the money. A lot of luck was needed during the start as well as clean driving once you were in the lead. It was a lot of fun to drive and then watch and cheer the other drivers on. At the end we had four XRAY drivers in the finale, with young Stéphane Kharraji as a big surprise to everyone taking the win through very clean driving, me placing 2nd because of a tumble, Romain Hecq 3rd, and Patrick Hess 4th. Saturday was one of the most exciting and fun race days since I’ve started this hobby!

On Sunday morning it rained again, but sadly this time it didn’t stop until lunchtime. The race had to be canceled since the track was now under water on most parts. It was a shame but at least we had had a very dry and warm Saturday (although Saturday night wasn’t dry at all…).

The race was counted as per our qualifying results and I was happy to defend my Truggy title and also win the Buggy GP in the first two-category nitro race I ever drove. I would have preferred to win through proper finals, though. Patrick Hess placed both his Buggy and Truggy in 4th place in his first Truggy race ever. Gilbert Schnidrig won the electric category with his converted XB8 EC.

Final results

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1. Robin Frischkopf XRAY XT8
2. Ronny Lüber
3. Daniel Amsler
4. Patrick Hess XRAY XT8
5. Manuel Rapp

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1. Robin Frischkopf XRAY XB808
2. Sven Zünd
3. Ronny Lüber
4. Patrick Hess XRAY XB808
5. Reno Ott XRAY XB808

6. Marco Stettler
7. Stéphane Kharraji XRAY XB808
8. Thomas Bodmer
9. Jérôme Chappuis
10. Yves Schmidlin

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1. Gilbert Schnidrig XRAY
2. Marco Stettler
3. Giuliano Resta

Set-up sheets
Robin Frischkopf - truggy
Robin Frischkopf - buggy