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Danish Championship 2002/2003
The last round of the Danish Championships was held just outside Copenhagen, Denmark at 6th April.
Soren Boy Holst competed with the brand new XRAY T1 Raycer, completely out-of-the-box except for a one-way diff unit.
The car was excellent on the very technical low grip track, and Soren secured the win. By doing so he took the overall win of the Danish Championships, which was the main goal of Soren for this indoor season.
We are proud to say that Team XRAY secured the top three places in the overall championship.

The final top 10 of Danish Championship 2002/2003

1. Soren Boy Holst (XRAY T1 Raycer)
2. Anders Lind (XRAY T1 EVO2)
3. Michael Prast (XRAY T1 EVO2)

4. Martin Ring (Yokomo)
5. Pelle Martin (Associated)
6. Tanja Pop Hansen (XRAY T1 EVO2)
7. Jonas Kaerup (Associated)
8. Ken Flydal (Associated)
9. Tais Pop Hansen (XRAY T1 EVO2)
10. Peter Harde (XRAY T1 EVO2)

This was Soeren’s first season with Team XRAY, and with the overall win in both the National Championships and the local championships, we must say this is impressive. Watch out for the XRAY T1R Raycer!