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Race report by P.Y.Tang
The Total Hobby RC Race 1/10 EP Open Modified was held at UTM Skudai in Southern Malaysia on July 3-4, 2010. The local asphalt UTM track is a very challenging track which is a high-speed flowing track with medium-to-high traction. Bumpy sections and high-wear on rubber tires are the major concern among drivers. The race was a 2-day event, but most drivers were unable to practice due to the bad weather on Saturday. It was still drizzling on the early Sunday morning and the track was still wet but the weather cleared up around 11:00AM.

The track was still damp during the first qualifying round and many drivers chose softer compound tires for more traction. The track began to dry at noontime and the sun finally came out. After three intense qualifying rounds, it seemed like only Ken Ng had the better setup that saw him clocking sub-14sec lap to secured pole position, with P.Y.Tang 2nd and Allister 3rd from the pole. Despite being 2nd from the pole, P.Y. Tang’s XRAY T3 debut was delighted with his qualifying rounds on Sunday where he felt his new XRAY T3 stock setup was very easy to drive and very responsive to his liking. Although the car works well, P.Y. could not get consistent timing in every run due to the high-wear rate of the tires and possibly wrong choice of tire addictive.

Final Top 10 Qualifiers (Open Modified)
1. Ken Ng XRAY T3
2. P.Y.Tang XRAY T3

3. Allister
4. Jonest Wong
5. Barry Ng
6. Kimie XRAY T3
7. Paul Lok
8. Jazz CK
9. Chee Lip Keong
10. Desmond Tan XRAY T3

In the Final A1, P.Y.Tang cruised to an easy Leg 1 victory when Ken Ng (pole) had a bad start and spun out in the first corner. With most of the battle in the mid pack, P.Y. Tang claimed 1st, with Ken Ng in 2nd followed by Allister in 3rd. Setting the fastest lap of the leg at 13.236s, P.Y. Tang found himself in a better position to challenge for top spot after changing tire/insert combination and switching tire addictive.

In the Final A2, Ken Ng got off a good start followed closely by P.Y. Tang. Ken made a small mistake on the left-hand turn hairpin after the drives stand, giving P.Y. Tang a break to run away. Clocking in a mid-13sec lap, P.Y. Tang managed to build up a lead and ended Leg 2 with nearly an 8sec lead over Jazz CK in 2nd and Ken Ng in 3rd.

Going into the Final A3, Ken Ng, Allister and Jazz CK would battle for 2nd overall. At the tone, all drivers got off to a good start but a small pile up in the second corner changed everything, with Ken Ng and P.Y. Tang falling back into unfamiliar positions. Led by Allister, Kimie and Barry Ng ahead of the pack, P.Y. Tang managed to push through to 1st position after some exciting battles and side-by-side action coming out of the straight with Kimie. It was expected that P.Y. Tang would claim his 3rd victory, but a minor contact with the side wall on the straight caused him to spin out and lose the lead to Allister on the final lap. Ken Ng had a terrible final along with some diff problems, ending up in 4th in Leg 3, but had a well-deserved 3rd overall position. Desmond Tan (XRAY T3) had a good run and finished 6th overall after starting from 10th on the grid.

Final Top 10 Standings:
1. P.Y.Tang XRAY T3
2. Allister
3. Ken Ng XRAY T3
4. Barry Ng
5. Jazz CK
6. Desmond Tan XRAY T3
7. Kimie XRAY T3

8. Chee Lip Keong
9. Jonest Wong
10. Paul Lok