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Round 3 of the Malaysia National League was held on July 11, 2010 at RC Connection, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . There were 3 classes at this event: 8 racers in Truggy Class, 27 racers in Intermediate Buggy Class, and 67 racers in Expert Buggy Class.

The race format was three rounds of 7min qualifying for each class. In the final, there was one group for Truggy class, two groups (A-B) of Intermediate Buggy, and six groups of finals (A-F) for Expert Buggy, with 5 drivers bumping up to the final.

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The weather really unpredictable since the day before the race. Rain fell the night before and a few minutes before the race started in the morning. At this race, I tried to get more laps in qualifying but I could only get 9 laps in the first and third rounds. Most drivers can get 10 laps in a 7min qualifying round.

Team XRAY Indonesia attended this event with Edy Susanto, Baron Perkasa, and me. Before the final started, there was big rain and it caused the final to be delayed for 1 hour.

After qualifying rounds, I was 30 of 67 racers.

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I started Final C (15min) in position 10. In that final I was racing with Baron Perkasa after he bumped up from Final D. I almost lost my expectations and spirit to get a better position in this event. I tried to drive more aggressively and push my car to get position. Baron finished in 5th and I finished in 1st.

So, Baron and I could bump up to Final B. I started at position 11 and Baron at 15. I thought It would not be easy to get a better position since there were a lot of very good Malaysian drivers in Final B. Edy Susanto started at position 5. Around 15 minutes into the race I was in the lead until the race finished after 20 minutes. Edy finished in position 6 and Baron finished in position 9.

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Those two didn't bump up into Final A but I did. Final A was a 35min race, but I still tried to push my car to get position. Although It seems the car already become dirtier after 2 bump-ups.

With the track still muddy after the rain, I started at position 11 and finished in position 12. But I still got a double podium trophy for position no. 1 in Final C and Final B.

Here's the main Final A result :

1. Eric Lim
2. David Lim
3. Alvin Lam
4. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB808
5. Felix Tan
6. Chan Kim Hoi XRAY XB808
7. Kelvin Ngow
8. Sunny Wong
9. Wenyi
10. Lai Kok Heng
11. Kelvin Yong
12. Jason Nugroho XRAY XB808

Final B Result :

1. Jason Nugroho XRAY XB808
6. Edy Susanto XRAY XB808
9. Baron Perkasa XRAY XB808
13. Chester Chua XRAY XB808

Final C Result :

1. Jason Nugroho XRAY XB808
5. Baron Perkasa XRAY XB808