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Race report by Pedro Rombouts
Round 4 of the 1/10th 200mm took place at the famous MACH track in Heemstede. Forecasts for Saturday weren’t that good. Drivers were welcomed by rain in the morning, but it later stopped and all drivers could make their practice rounds.

During qualification it was Team XRAY driver Pedro Rombouts that was setting the best pace. After being the fastest in all three rounds he claimed pole position by 0.7sec ahead of local hero Rik Prins, XRAY driver Acro de Jong, Team XRAY driver Maxim Claes, and Remy Möller.

1. Pedro Rombouts – XRAY NT1
2. Rik Prins
3. Arco de Jong – XRAY NT1
4. Maxim Claes – XRAY NT1

5. Remy Möller

In the lower finals it was Daan Jacobs who claimed 6th place on the grid, followed by 3 XRAY drivers (Daan Stuiver, Dennis de Groote, Ingeborg Gommers) with the last main final spot going to Ricardo van Dam. It was already a strong performance having six NT1’s in the main final.

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In the main final, Pedro continued his pace and pulled away at the beginning of the race. Behind him was Daan who made his way from 6th to 2nd but it went wrong for him around the 8min mark and his car flamed out. He got back onto track but retired 5 minutes later. A minute later it also went wrong for leader Pedro, whose car ran out of fuel a mere 20 meters from pit lane.

This gave the lead to Maxim who stayed in front until somewhere around the 25min mark when he had an electronics failure. Now it was Acro who came to the front, shortly followed by Rik. They battled in the last few laps of the race, but Arco didn’t leave a gap and passed the finish line 0.3sec ahead of Rik to claim his first National win! Rik, the 13yo driver, delivered an amazing performance to claim 2nd, while 3rd spot went to Pedro who drove his way back to finish only 1 lap off the lead lap.

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Final Results:
1. Arco de Jong - XRAY NT1
2. Rik Prins
3. Pedro Rombouts - XRAY NT1
4. Remy Möller
5. Ingeborg Gommers - XRAY NT1
6. Maxim Claes - XRAY NT1

7. Ricardo van Dam
8. Dennis de Groote - XRAY NT1
9. Daan Jacobs
10. Daan Stuiver - XRAY NT1

Picures by Ricardo Hofmeijer