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Race report by Philipp Hagnauer
It was time for Lostallo, the biggest RC Track of the World, and for sure we were running nearly the 1:8 Layout with our E10 Touring Cars. For the Experts it was a test for all Motors and ECS, while in the Standard (Open Stock) class we made a gentlemen’s agreement to run the Citrix ECS similar to the ETS.

From Thursday to Saturday evening it was free practice and many drivers were there for setting up their cars. Mario and Philipp were also testing tire additives because in the morning it was cold and during the day the temperatures went up to over 30°C.

Sunday morning and it was time for the race. During the first run in the morning, Philipp was struggling with new tires and low temperatures. After a safe run he took P3. It was very impressive that only one driver with a Sxx Stock Spec ECS could drive faster than the best drivers. So after the qualification there was one fast Sxx driver in front and behind him from P2 to P5 there were Citrix drivers. In the whole Top 10 there were 6 drivers with the Citrix ESC, which was quite impressive. Philipp was on P3 with good runs in Q3 and Q4.

In the Finals, Beni Stutz won the first A-Main and in the second Final he won by only 0.04sec ahead of Philipp Hagnauer. Philipp Tschup was 3rd.
Overall Beni and Philipp were on a very fast pace and Philipp Tschup was the only driver who could follow them. In the third Final Beni won again ahead of Philipp and Tschup.

In the Expert class, Martin Strittmatter took TQ after very fast runs in Q1 and Q2. Mario Rigert took P2 with his T3. It was very close competition between them until Mario had ECS problems in Q4. Mario was very unlucky in the A-Main runs and he had electronics problems in every run. Martin Strittmatter took his chance and won with his Corally. Second was Philipp Huber (Corally) and Mangiaracina Antonino was 3rd with his TOP.

Final results:

Standard class
1. Beni Stutz
2. Philipp Hagnauer XRAY T3
3. Philip Tschupp
4. Lionel Troyon
5. Stephan Helbach
6. Michel Grosjean
7. Marcel Munster XRAY T3
8. Florian Hauser
9. Manfred Ebener
10. Georges Camicas-Aycardi

Expert class
1. Martin Strittmatter
2. Philipp Huber
3. Antonino Mangiaracina
9. Mario Rigert XRAY T3