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Race report by Ricardo Perin
The last national round of 2010 championship was held in Asti at a really nice track with medium/high grip with good jumps. Most of class titles were undecided so the result of this race would determine the championship results.

I had a good time even if qualifing was not best for me. On Friday I set up my 808 but I used the wrong tyres in the 1st and lost the servo horn screw in the 2nd, so my time was bad… then I started in the 3rd heat with very slow drivers. So I had a hard time qualifying with a lots of overtaking but I finished in 10th position and was really confident for the semi.

The engine and car were working great, and traction and balancing were so good that I could drive easy with fast laptimes. I won my semi-B by a lap in front of the semi-A and so in the final I started in #1.

In the final Tortorici was really competitive and we had a tight battle until the end of the final. I was able to make 9 minutes on a fuel tank and this gave me a refueling advantage. So before the last refueling we were close together but my really fast mechs Brusca and my father were so fast that I finished with almost a 20sec advantage over Davide.

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Race results
1. Perin Riccardo XRAY XB808
2. Tortorici Davide
3. Boero Fabio

Again, I finished my third championship in 3rd place with few point for the winner.

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Overall championship results:
1. Fabio Boero 1090
2. Davide Tortorici 1060
3. Perin Riccardo 1030 XRAY XB808

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