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The Hansa Cup is three 1:8 off-road buggy and truggy races during the season. Earlier this year Furulund (Sweden) and Schietmeister (Germany) hosted the first two rounds. This weekend the SOS club south of Copenhagen hosted the last round.

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Drivers from Sweden, Germany and Denmark arrived Friday to a wet SOS track but the club has put a lot of effort into drainage and making sure the rain could not prevent a great race.

TQ in buggy went to young and very talented Kyosho driver Martin S. Hnansen. Unfortunately Martin had to retire from the semi-final with a broken servo.

Pole for the final went to Peter Harder who also made the fastest laptime of the weekend, doing 37.000 sec.

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For the final the track had some very bumpy sections and a clean 45min run would not be a easy job. Grip was very high so the key would be to get the correct tire choice and shock setup for a bumpy track but without track rolling.

The final had 5 Danes, 4 Swedes and 1 German.

Peter with his Novarossi-powered XRAY took the lead and held for this throughout the final, but not far was Swedish XRAY driver Simon Boklund and Mugen driver Mikael Palsson. In the end Peter took the victory. The overall winner of the 2010 Hansa Cup went to Mikael Palsson (Sweden).

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1. Peter Harder (DK),XRAY XB808
2. Simon Boklund (SWE) XRAY XB808

3. Mikael Palsson (SWE)
4. Markus Lind (SWE)
5. Henrik Steiner (GER)
6. Soeren Hempel (DK)
7. Henrik Welthz (DK)
8. Henning Warner (DK)
9. Silas Hoegholt (DK)
10. Rune Gustavsen (DK) XRAY XB808

Set-up sheet
Peter Harder