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Race report by Drew Ellis
This years IIC was held in its home town of Las Vegas at the Rivera Hotel and Casino. The dates were Sept. 5th-11th. The XRAY drivers there were Paul Lemieux, Drew Ellis, Eric Anderson, Dave Bowser, Steve Rossi, Fred Hubbard, Tim Copp and many other support drivers.

This year was going to be good alot of Factory drivers showed up. Practice started on Tuesday with open practice then two rounds of controlled. Scotty Ernst is the race promotor and runs a tight shift. The two practice's went well for the team as we were testing meaning things. The team raced in all the touring classes , 1/12 and World GT. Everyone's cars were looking good.

The standouts were Paul Lemieux as he was setting the fastest times in practice. Also Steve Rossi in 17.5SS. Monta Hess was looking good in 13.5 WGT. Nick Stampfel was setting pace in stock touring.

After some close racing in the finals the result are:

Mod 1/12:

1.Josh Cyrul
2.Hupo Honigl
3.Naoto Matsukura
4.Ronald Volker
5.Andy Moore
6.Juho Levanen
7.Rick Hohwart
8.Paul Lemieux XRAY XII
9.Mike Blackstock
10.Keven Hebert

Mod Touring:

1.Atsushi Hara
2.Marc Rheinard
3.Ronald Volker
4.Paul Lemieux XRAY T3
5.Viktor Wilck

Stock 17.5 Touring:

1.Dustin Layne
2.Nick Stampfel XRAY T3
3.Brian Stanton

Superstock 17.5 Touring:

1.Atsushi Hara
2.Mike Haynes
3.Ty Tessman
7.Steve Rossi XRAY T3

17.5 1/12:

1.Brian Bodine
2.Mike Hanulec
3.Kelly Bean
8.Dave Duncan XRAY XII

WGT 13.5:

1.Brian Bodine
2.Mario Ficco
3.Ryan Borgleiinck
4.Monta Hess XRAY X10
5.Tim Copp XRAY X10

Thanks goes to Team XRAY and to everyone that has anything to do with this great race. Scotty did a great jod and once again his tech crew are the hardest working crew out there. Thanks again job well done. Good job to the whole team for there hard work.

Paul Lemieux