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Race report by Luis Vieira
The final race of the South Regional Championship was held on September 18-19 at the Évora track. This race would decide the Top 3 racers of the championship, so even a minor mistake could put the pilots out of competition. Talk about a high- adrenaline atmosphere!

There were no main problems during the qualifications and at the end I took TQ.

The finals started in the afternoon, and I was very nervous in my semi. I started in P1 on the grid, but at the beginning the engine became very rich and non-responsive so I dropped to last place. Then the engine improved and I achieved 2nd place.

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I started in 3rd place on the grid. I was at the back because of some minor issues ( nervse and start confusion with other drivers). I managed to control my race to get close to the front drivers and by half way I was in 2nd place right behind the leader Antonio Peixe. I tried to maintain my position without being too hard on the car and engine, I was ahead of 3rd place by 1 lap, and by 2 laps on 4th place. In the last 2 curves before the end, the nut of the right rear shock get lost. Fortunately, luck was on my side for this race.

I am the New champion of the South Regional Championship Portugal !

I would like to thank all my sponsors and friends who helped and supported me at the races, without them it would have been impossible to succeed.

Thanks to XRAY, Vintesete, Precirotate, Jconcepts, Lucky7rc, JMAmodelismo, and AVID RC Bearings

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Top 10 of the race:
1. António Peixe
2. Luís Vieira - XRAY XB808
3. Nuno La - XRAY XB808
4. Nuno Rola - XRAY XB808
5. Luís Ferrao - XRAY XB808
6. Filipe Nobre – XRAY XB808

7. Goncalo Loios
8. Paulo Carvalho - XRAY XB808
9. Carlos Andrade
10. Hugo Mata- XRAY XB808

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Top 3 of the Championship:
1. Luis Vieira - XRAY XB808
2. Nuno Rola - XRAY XB808
3. Nuno La - XRAY XB808