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Race report by Carlos Duraes
The Portuguese Cup was held at the Beja Track in the south of Portugal. About 40 drivers attended, which is a bit small for an event like this that closes the 2010 RC season.

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We arrived at the track on Saturday morning and the weather was good, without rain.

My qualification wasn’t good because I had some technical problems and I went into 1/8 final.

I won both the 1/8 and 1/4 finals by 1 lap ahead of another XRAY driver, Luís Vieira.

Going to the Semi-final I was quite confident but in the 2nd lap I broke a shock and I had to make a “mistake-free” Semi so that I could aim to get my place in the A-main. After the 20min I finished 2nd and got the #4 spot on the grid for the A-main!

While we were waiting for the start of the final race, the rain came to stay. Right at the beginning of the A-main I suffered a bump in the first corner and dropped to last place. I started improving my pace and passed some drivers. I was battling with Ricardo Monteiro and Jo?o Gomes for the lead position and by the 3rd pitstop for refueling I was in the lead ahead of Jo?o Gomes when my servo broke and I was forced to give up, finishing in 9th. Jo?o Gomes and Ricardo Monteiro flamed out, so Bruno Coelho took the win followed by Ricardo Monteiro (2nd) and Pedro Figueiredo in the lowest podium step (3rd).

As the season in now over, I would like to send my best regards to my sponsors, XRAY, RB and SAVOX, and thank them for all the help and support they’ve given during the year. Let’s make next year even better!

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1. Bruno Coelho
2. Ricardo Monteiro
3. Pedro Figueiredo
4. Jorge Augusto
5. Mário Pereira
6. Luís Vieira XRAY XB808
7. Tiago Parreira
8. Joao Gomes
9. Carlos Duraes XRAY XB808
10. Rodrigo Luís