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Race report by Paul Lemieux
The 2010 KO Grand Prix was held OCT 2-3 at West Coast Raceway in southern California (indoor asphalt). The 2010 TimeZone Grand Prix was held the following weekend of the oct 9-10 week at Timezone raceway in Washington state (indoor carpet).

Team XRAY had a hand full of drivers at each event.

KO Grand Prix:

Drew Ellis and Paul Lemieux attended the KO along with local XRAY drivers Lee Passehl, Steve Weiss and Fred Hubbard. The team had great success with the T3 2011! In the end It was Paul Lemieux who TQâ€d the open Mod Class over Kevin Hebert and took home the Title over teammate Steve Wiess also running a prototype 2011, and Rick Howart rounding out the podium in the mod class.

In the 17.5 limited (Non Timing Speedo) it was Ron "sugar" Schuur who was on top threw qualifying taking TQ. The finals were highly contested between several drivers but in the end it was Lee Passehl with his XRAY T3 who got the win in A3 to secure the title.

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TimeZone Grand Prix:
For XRAY it was Paul Lemieux, Travis Schreven, Darren Shank, Devin Patterson and Russ "The Truck" Jacobson were in attendance at TimeZone.

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Mod TC: Paul Tried to pick up where he left off from the KO race but this time Kevin Hebert had different plans, threw practice and early in qualifing Kevin was setting the pace. After some changes to His T3 2011 Paul narrowed the margin and set Tq in round 2 and 3 to sucure TQ by a very narrow margine. In the finals Paul was able to pull a small lead in the first minute and hold that for the remainder of A1 and and a very similar race in A2, this gave Paul a nother win with the new T3 2011. Kevin Hebert secured second overall with a win in A3 and Travis schreven with his XRAY T3 secured the third spot for the overall.

Mod 12th: Early on in practice it was Dave Ehrlich setting the pace. In qualifying it was Kevin Hebert who held TQ over a hard charging Donny Lia. In the finals it was Donny Lia who really had it working but Hebert with smooth driving was able to escape with wins A1 and A2 and was happy to have it over with. Donny Lia went on to finish second and Max Kuenning finishing third overall.

WorldGT: Dave Ehrlich was also very fast in this class all weekend, Dave Tq'd the race and won A1, Brian Wynn took A2 to make it a battle in A3, in A3 Dave lost the handling on his car and Brian was their to capitalise and take the easy win and the title. Dave Ehrlich hung on to finish second overall with the number 2 qualifier Mike Dutemple finishing third overall.

12th stock: In qualifying it was a battle betweenDave Ehrlich, Brian Wynn, Donny Lia, and Max Kuenning. Donny Lia took Tq in the last round of qualifying from Brian Wynn. In the finals it was all Lia, he fell back in A1 but charged threw the field to win A1 then pulled away and took a very convincing win in A2 victory. Brian Wynn finished second overall with MaxKuenning rounding it out third overall.

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Touring stock: Darren Shank with his T3 was the pace setter for much of qualifying after the scheduled three rounds it was Darren who TQ'd. In A1 it was Wes Briscoe who capitalised on a rough race from Darren to position himself for the overall, but in A2 and A3 it was Shank who drove well to take the title with Wes finishing second and Tim Getchell rounding out the podium.

Both Races were great races at great venues, thanks to Danny from West Coast raceway and Mark from Timezone for the great events!!