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Race report by Jonathan Aird
The 2010 Tekin GP was hosted at Ardent Raceway on October 9-10th. Ardent is one of the best indoor facilities around and put on a great meeting. It attracted 80 of the UK's best drivers and the racing was super close!

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13.5 Stock
The 13.5 stock class was great to watch with lots of overtaking and great racing in the finals. After qualifying 2nd, John Dawson and his XRAY T3 came out as the winner in the end, with Zak Finlay 2nd and Liam Brooks 3rd. Nigel Shaw also made the A main with his T3.

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13.5 final results
1. John Dawson - XRAY T3
2. Zak Finlay
3. Liam Brooks

10.5 Pro-Stock
The 10.5 pro-stock class was very competitive; this is the local track for a few of the top drivers in the country, so the racing was intense. Andy Moore TQ'd the meeting from Jonny Aird's T3. Stefan Chodzynski and Ryan Edwards lined up 5th and 6th. Andy won the finals with Jonny 2nd and Stef showing his true pace to finish 3rd. Ryan had an unlucky final finishing 7th.

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10.5 final results
1. Andy Moore
2. Jonathan Aird - XRAY T3
3. Stefan Chodzynski - XRAY T3

So XRAY had 3 cars on the podium at the Tekin GP and won the 13.5 class! The T3 was the most successful car!