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The first race of the 2010/11 XRAY Challenge National Championship – and also the first ever race in Prague – took place last weekend.

The positive feedback from all participants confirmed a very good choice of track layout and marking. All of us could see it lead to a decreased number of collisions and zero critical situations, a far different situation from tracks where the margins can be easily run over. The majority of the drivers were about the track layout, saying it was a pleasure to race here.

Same as the summer series of the XRAY Challenge, the winter series is interesting a high number of drivers and so promising a very good race.

Superstock saw great battles amongst three drivers: Zdenek Hamak, Petr Grof and Jirka Mara (all driving T3’11 Spec cars). These guys dominated and were unbeatable from start to finish.

Superstock final standings:
1. Hamák, Zdeněk XRAY T3â€11
2. Grof, Petr XRAY T3â€11
3. Mára, JiřĂ­ XRAY T3â€11
4. Ĺ těpánek, Jakub XRAY T3â€11

5. Dubák, Adam
6. Flek, Radek
7. Hola, VĂ­tězslav
8. HavlĂ­ček, Jan XRAY T311
9. Hruška, Petr XRAY T3â€11
10. Vopat, Lukáš XRAY T3

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In the Stock category, 44 drivers from all over the country attended. Racing was very close and an improvement of only 1 second meant a couple of positions in the final ranking.

Stock final standings:
1. Vopat, Lukáš XRAY T3
2. ČervenĂ˝, Jan XRAY T3
3. Opl, JiřĂ­ XRAY T3
4. Sedláček, Tomáš XRAY T3
5. DoleĹľal, Karel XRAY T3

6. Vala, Jaroslav
7. Ďuraňa, Radoslav
8. Murcek, Adam XRAY T3
9. Kneys, Michal XRAY T3
10. Mrázek, Stanislav XRAY T3

1. Bryx, Radovan
2. Čermák, David
3. Vláčil, Jan
4. Svoboda, JiřĂ­
5. Vyšín, JiřĂ­
6. Kukan, Saša
7. Flek, Radek
8. Murcek, Adam
9. Petr, Jan
10. Ĺ tajner, Petr
11. ŤaĹľkĂ˝, Dodo

The next race of the XRAY Challenge 2010/11 on this beautiful track will be another great event. See you Nov 6th 2010 for the second race!

Pictures by www.rcmagazine.cz