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After winning two major titles (Ch.B and Greek Cup), XRAY made it 3-for-3 to become Greek Champion! XRAY is the choice of champions... 3 different tracks... 3 different drivers... 1 car (XRAY XB808).

The race took place in Athens on Oct-3 with 48 participants from all over Greece and Cyprus.

Theologitis had a very difficult time at the final. He started in 3rd place but had a “stop and go” penalty which put him last by 25sec behind the leader. So he had to pass everyone in the 45min final.

After great battles with all other drivers he managed to reach the leader Kodouzoglou with 10 minutes to go. He passed him but he lost the lead again. The lead changed 3-4 times and after the last pitstop both were within 1 second. After a great battle – as you can see in the video – the XRAY driver managed to create a 4sec gap right until the end of the race. We believe this was one of the best finals we have ever seen.

This was the 14th Greek Championship for Theologitis, a record we think will never break. And don’t forget that he had won the warm-up race on the previous Sunday in the same way, starting from last place and winning at the end.

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Final results:
1. Theologitis Stelios XRAY XB808
2. Kodouzoglou
3. Papanikolaou
4. Makropoulos Thanos XRAY XB808
5. Agrafiotis
6. Paparegkas John XRAY XB808
7. Vlachopoulos
8. Zagorisos XRAY XB808
9. Stathopoulos
10. Perogianakis

Stelios was very happy with the performance of his XRAY and he was absolutely sure of the reliability of the XB808 even if he had to push so hard and cover almost 1 lap from his rivals. Of course we must mention that XRAY comprised 40% of the A-final and we thank all drivers for their support and efforts. Congratulations to all XRAY drivers for their results and cooperation.

Thanks to XRAY, RB engines, HotBodies tyres, Nosram and Fanatix for their support.