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Report by Inaki Pahissa
This year’s championship came to an end at the Elche track. Both Jonnhy Pastor and Edu Escandon had a chance to win the title, and as such both drivers put all their efforts on achieving the final objective.

The first victory was for Edu Escandon who TQ’d the race, followed by mere fractions of a second by Inaki Pahissa. Jonnhy finished 3rd after qualifiers and would have to improve his pace in order to battle with Edu in the final.

On Sunday, Edu and Jonnhy battled from the very first lap until Edu had a flame-out and let Jonnhy go. Jonnhy drove safely to the checked flag to win the 2010 championship, a second consecutive win for XRAY in Spain.

Together with this major title, XRAY has this year won the â€B’ championships of the Touring 200mm, as well as the Modified and Stock titles in the Electric class 190mm, plus the newest National 1:8 Off-road Electric class. The 2010 season was the most profitable and successful for the XRAY brand in Spain.

Résumé of XRAY wins in the Spanish National Championships:

• National Championship 1:10 Touring Gas
• National Championship 1:10 Touring Gas B
• National Championship 1:10 Touring Gas 40+
• National Championship 190mm Touring Modified
• National Championship 190mm Touring Stock
• National Championship 1:8 Off-road Electric