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Race report by Carlos Duraes
The Trofa Cup 2010 was held this past weekend at the Galerias Araújo track in northern Portugal. About 40 drivers attended to this race, with some of the best Portuguese drivers such as Ricardo Monteiro, Nuno Casal Ribeiro, and others.

During Saturday afternoon I went to the track for the free practice and managed to test a few new parts on my 808.

On Sunday morning we had the qualifications. I won the first and the third heats, and had a small mechanical problem in the second that prevented me from finishing it. Still, I was the only driver that got to complete 12 laps in a single run. I claimed TQ, followed by Ricardo Monteiro and Tiago Leal.

In my semi- final I was fast but made too many mistakes and it cost me 1st place. Nuno Rebelo won, and I was 2nd place.

For the A-Main I didn’t change anything on my car because I was almost 1sec. faster than all other drivers. I only needed to concentrate on consistency and avoid mistakes.

I started the A-Main in position #2. I kept battling with Nuno Rebelo for the lead for a few laps. After the second refueling stop I was in the lead, and kept racing alone until the end of the race. I also got the best lap of the day with a 25.5sec. lap.

It was a good race for XRAY with five cars in the final (almost 50%). This is a good indicator of the growing number of XRAY drivers in Portugal.

Final results:
1. Carlos Duraes – XRAY XB808
2. Pedro Sousa
3. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
4. Nuno Rebelo
5. Denis Lopes
6. Hugo Cunha
7. Joao Carlos Figueiredo
8. António Paiva – XRAY XB808
9. Rui Reis – XRAY XB808
10. José Barros – XRAY XB808
11. Jorge Gonzaga – XRAY XB808

12. Luís Pereira