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Race report by Jason Nugroho
The 2010 Indonesia National Year End Race was held on 28Nov2010 at Maxpin RC track, Lembang, West Java. There were 2 classes at this event: Buggy Class (68 racers) and Truggy Class (16 racers). The race format was three rounds of 7min qualifying for each class.

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For the finals there were 6 groups (A-F) for Buggy class and 1 group for Truggy class. The weather really unpredictable for a few days before the race, and rain fell the night before. Also we got heavy rain three times during qualifying rounds, which caused us to wait until 2 hours before the Truggy main final start.

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There were 14 XRAY buggies and 5 XRAY truggies in this event. After qualifying rounds, I was 8th of 68 racers in Buggy Class, and 2nd of 16 racers in Truggy Class. The Truggy class final was the first final race, and we raced 30 minutes.

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I start on the no.2 grid position. At the beginning the track was muddy and sticky, and I tried to push my car to get a better position. After 15 minutes, I can lead the race until the end. I lost two front body clips around 1 min before the race ended and it made the front of the car body fly up!

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After 30 minutes of the Truggy Main Final, the race director gave only 5 minutes before the Buggy main final A. I started in the no.8 grid position Buggy final A grid, with a plan to race for 30 minutes. I tried to push the car, since driving the buggy on the sticky track wouldn’t be as easy as Truggy. But the rain fell after 15 minutes, so the race director decided to end the race at 20 minutes.

The race ended at Buggy final A and it wasn't possible to continue finals B-F.

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Truggy main final drivers position after 30min race :
1. Jason Nugroho XRAY XT8
2. Harijono Santoso
3. Reagen
4. Deslina Nenenk
5. Iwan Ea
6. Stefanus Pipi
7. Teguh Santoso
8. Wie Wen
9. Rudy Dl XRAY XT8
10. Mario Adhitama XRAY XT8

11. Teguh I
12. Ugi S XRAY XT8

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Buggy main final A drivers position after 20min race :
1. John Agus
2. Darmadi Kurniawan
3. Ery S.
4. Wen Yi
5. Reza R.
6. Harijono Santoso
7. Ewa
8. Edward J.
9. Jason Nugroho XRAY XB808
10. Reagen

At the end of this event, I received four trophies for this event and 2010 overall championship series.

- win for the Truggy class for this event

- 2nd place for 2010 Indonesia National Truggy Championship overall series

- 9th place for 2010 Jakarta Regional Buggy Championship overall series

- 2nd place for 2010 Jakarta Regional Buggy Championship overall series (non-seeded drivers)