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Race report by Nuno Gancho
The club’s most highly-anticipated race — the fifth (and last) Portuguese TC National Championship — took place in early October at the Coimbra track with AAC support and all partners of the club. The title of 2010 National Champion in Modified class still was undecided. All four Team XRAY drivers attended: Nuno Gancho, Hugo Miguel, local driver Ruben Francisco, and young gun Littleshumi Helder Silva. Again the AAC club took care of cleaning the track so that all participants were able to enjoy the layout of the track and simply concentrate on driving.

On Saturday, all drivers enjoyed the excellent track conditions, the local driver Ruben Francisco arrived late and showed how easy it was to do fast laps in the first run. Team XRAY driver Nuno Gancho asked for the support of his friend and mechanic Jorge Angelo in order to be fully concentrate on driving. XRAY drivers Hugo Miguel and Helder Silva also showed very strong driving. It was going to be a great race on Sunday!

Team XRAY driver Nuno Gancho won the first qualifier but started having problems with his electronics, preventing him from getting ahead in the finals. To everyone’s surprise, ‶the Flying Littleshumi※ Helder Silva got pole position by winning three qualifications ahead of Nuno Gancho, Ruben Francisco, and Hugo Miguel.

At lunchtime, with the help of his friend Jorge Angelo, Team XRAY driver Nuno Gancho made several electronics changes that could at least ensure that he would be competitive in the Finals.

In the Modified class, Team XRAY driver Nuno Gancho took advantage of his strongest feature — the start — to run and maintain advantage over opponents in order to concentrate on driving, winning the first two finals and claiming the National Champion title in the Modified class, with Hugo Miguel winning Vice Champion and Ruben Francisco winning 3rd overall.

With this last race I want to say goodbye to all friends of this hobby and maybe we'll meet one day later for some racing.

Thank you to my sponsors Gatekracing, Cardoso-Models, Vintesete, TQ-Racer, RafaModelismo, Corally by Hobby Pascal 2005 title and especially Team XRAY who supported me in the last three titles in 2008-2010.

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