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RCAmerica/XRAY USA is proud to announce the re-signing of Paul Lemieux. Paul has been a great asset to RCAmerica on and off the track. RCAmerica looks forward to the New Year and building on our relationship with Paul.

Paul had this to say:
"After 5 years of partnership between Team RCAmerica/XRAY and I we have decided to keep a good thing going, I have re signed with both companies for 2011 and 2012. This means that I will be using exclusively XRAY cars and Max Power motors along with HUDY products. I am excited about gaining more experience with the ever so growing XRAY product line. I would like to thank everyone at RCAmerica in Dallas TX and also XRAY in Slovakia. See you at the races!"

Paul's achievements:
Mutli-time US National Champion
Mutli-time World Finalist
Mutli-time IIC Champion
Mutli-time Snowbirds Champion
Mutli-time Indoor Champs Winner
2010 Reedy Race Champion