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Race report by Carlos Duraes
For the opening race of the 2011 season, approximately 40 drivers attended the Modelcar Challenge Trophy Open at Vale de Cambra. The weather was a bit cloudy, but there was no rain all day long.

Qualifying was held in the morning. Ricardo Monteiro took TQ, followed by me. I wasn't able to finish the 2nd heat because of a minor electrical problem, but I won the 3rd heat. After that, I won my Semi but a few mistakes made me lose the Pole Position.

I had a good start in the A-Main, and got into the lead in the first lap. I stayed in 1st place during the entire 45min final and won the first race of the year… what a good way to start!

See you at the track!

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Final results:
1. Carlos Duraes - XRAY XB808
2. Nuno Rebelo
3. Joao Lopes
4. Rui Reis
5. Pedro M Sousa