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Markus Mobers
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The sixt 6th round of the Western German Championship was held at the very beautiful track of Oberhausen on the 31st of May and 1st of June. The hole Saturday was reserved for free practice and most of the drivers used the hole day to find out the right setup with the CS 27 tyres. In Modified Marc Fischer and Toni Reinhard looked very strong with their Tamiya Evo 3 cars. Also Gunther van Staey on Losi showed good speed and laptimes.

I was struggeling with my setup of my T1 Racer. The car felt very stable and easy to drive, but I could not find good corner speed with the car. After 5 packs I changed to my graphite T1 EVO 2 and I improved my laptimes by 3-4 tenth per lap. I think I need to try more with the T1 Racer as it needs to have a totally different setup. After changing inserts I even improved my laptimes more and the car was awesome.

In Stock German Champion and Top Xray driver Joel Voß looked very strong, closely followed by the Tamiya Evo3 of Jochen Janik and the new Yokomo SD of Andreas Weyhoven. Joel also was trying both cars ending up using the T1 Racer car.

The full report from Markus Mobers can be found here.