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Race report by Eric Anderson
The 2011 season finale of the Midwest Grand Slam series was held at R/Car Marion Fairgrounds raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. It would be the final race of the season in the Midwest traveling race series. Xray drivers in attendance would be Eric Anderson, James Reilly, and many support drivers and Xray customers. The format would be open practice on Friday, 3 qualifiers on Sat and 1 qualifier and Mains on Sunday.

Arriving Friday night for a couple of hours of practice I noticed how great the facility was on my first trip there. James Reilly looked to be setting the fastest pace in stock TC in practice. After a few battery packs on the track with my T3'11 and XII 12th scale I felt like I was in good shape for Saturday. Arriving Saturday morning I decided to try some different tires in practice and they did not seem to be as good so back to Jaco blues for the rest of the weekend. After 1 round of controlled practice James Reilly and myself were both in the top 5 of practice times. In 12th scale I was in the top 5 as well in practice times going into the first round of qualifying.

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After the first round I as sitting 3rd in TC with some mistakes and James was in the TQ spot. In 12th scale I was in 7th and the car was not handling as I would like so I decided to make some major changes to it and skip the 2nd round of qualifying. In the 2nd round if TC I set fastest time to take the TQ and would keep it for the remainder of the event running faster in rounds 3 and 4. After some MAJOR changes to the 12th scale and a complete reconfiguration I sat the car down in the 3rd qualifier no knowing what to expect. What happened was I picked up almost 2 complete laps and TQ'd round 3 and held it throughout the weekend.

Final Qualifying order would be:

TC Stock

TQ Eric Anderson XRAY T3 2011
2. James Reilly XRAY T3 2011

3. Junior Norton
4. Branden Shells
5. Bill Sydor
6. Greg Dobrosky
7. Randy Kastl
8. William Jossens
9. Rob Rabenstein
10. Robert Dirla XRAY T3 2011

12th Stock

TQ Eric Anderson XRAY XII Link

2. Brad Mergy
3. Joe Trandell
4. Robert Dirla
5. Steve Dunn

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(click to enlarge)

The mains were pretty clean and I was able to get a clean start in both to lead from start to finish and make it a clean sweep in both classes. James Reilly was running 2nd in TC but a mistake relegated him back to 6th place. The race was ran perfect all weekend and R/Car has a wonderful facility and I hope they have some more big races there!

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(click to enlarge)

TC final results:

1. Eric Anderson XRAY T3 2011

2. Bill Sydor
3. Junior Norton
4. Branden Shells
5. James Reilly XRAY T3 2011
6. Greg Dobrosky
7. Robert Dirla XRAY T3 2011
8. Randy Kastl
9. H-Rob
10. William Jossens

12th scale final results

1. Eric Anderson XRAY XII Link

2. Joe Trandell
3. Brad Mergy
4. Ken Miller
5. Robert Dirla

Thanks to RCAmerica, Xray and Hudy!