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We have prepared a "Awards" section where you can find what the independent Press and Magazines wrote about the new XRAY T1 Raycer.

Here are few awards that T1 Raycer gained yet:


Instructions: Excellent
Parts fit and finish: Excellent
Durability: Very good
Overall performance: Very good"

"Many competition touring cars are as adjustable as the T1R, but few are as easy to adjust."

"Anytime a car rolls off the bench this tweak-free, I'm impressed."

"Time for real-world testing. On blacktop, the Raycer accelerated as if it had a JATO booster strapped to its trunk lid and seemed to reach its top speed instantaneously."

"The car's dual-belt drive train deserves props for getting the power into the tires with seemingly zero friction and no hint of belt skip."

"The Raycer zigged and zagged with a lot of grip yet carried plenty of speed. My inner physics geek says it's because of the centered motor and saddle-pack cells. With these heavy components packed tightly around the car's center of gravity, the Raycer has a lower polar moment of inertia than cars with all their cells placed on one side of the chassis, and it can therefore change directions without bleeding off a lot of energy."

*Super-high-quality materials and workmanship.
*Excellent box-stock handling.
*Very easy to tune and adjust.
*Damping and diff action are externally adjustable.

"Forget any notions, this plastic-chassis machine is 100-percent racecar, and it's a fine example of just how right the classic dual-belt/saddle-pack chassis layout still is."

"The high-quality materials and exceptional fit and finish are bonuses that make the Raycer a pleasure to wrench on and a car worthy of display as RC artwork. A pretty car that's pretty fast, there's a good combo."

Download the full review

"The T1R is a highest quality, finest vintage, full bodied, kick but all the way to the A' final - Super Touring car!"

"The Xray T1R is without a doubt the simplest assembly, the highest component quality, the best fit and the most straight-forward kit construction that I have met during my time as a kit reviewer."

"Every single part fitted - first time."

"The T1R excelled. It could be placed accurately anywhere on the circuit, it had enough smooth speed and power. I felt that the car was just about perfect."

*Perfect build
*Good specification
*Great drive

"The T1R is a hard car to place, if the previous T1 EVO2 didn't exists then you would put the car at the top of the tree. But they do, yes XRAY have gone for a simpler layout for the T1R, and a moulded chassis, but it really is no less a car than the T1 etc. So who benefits?? simple, the buyer. If you use the performance and the simplicity of the T1R, you will learn all you need to know about touring car racing, then develop your car and your knowledge without hurting your bank balance. Along the way you will enjoy some great racing, and I have no doubt a nice collection of trophies."

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"The Rolls Royce of the model car world just got more affordable as Xray release the T1 Raycer." "The transmission is unbelievably free." "The car is very safe and easy to drive and was easily the quickest round the track, even though we were in a modified heat, running a 19-turn stock motor." "The Raycer was unbelievably easy to drive fast and consistently and was hugely stable whilst changing direction and holdig its line perfecktly."

"Xray T1 Raycer is the star - I can't fault it in any way."

"For the price, you'll struggle to beat it as a package."

*Quality of component manufacture
*High-quality bearings
*Simpler set up options

"The cars assembly is so painless its unbelievable, the parts all fit together perfectly with no trimming or shimming required anywhere.

"To be quite honest I cannot fault the package that the Raycer offers and it would be vying for the top spot in my list of prospective touring car purchases, without a doubt."

Download the full review