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The 27th Of February, the second round of the 1/8 off road nitro RC Jaraquemada championship was held in Telde, settle in Gran Canaria island. With fantastic weather (25°C) and perfect track conditions. They had a very interesting race after the previous race where XRAY strongly dominated also.

Qualifying 5 minutes:

Many problems of tires for the drivers at the beginning of the heats. The track was very slippery and not good times were achieved. Team XRAY Hobby Telde took second place for the 30 minutes main final.

Final 30 minutes:

J.Guerra´s XB808 starts with the engine cold and soon he falls to the third position, soon C. Artiles (XB808) takes second position after reaching C. Gonzalez who fell to third place. XRAY take the lead in the race, after the first pit stop, J. Guerra is first, with very consistent and fast laps. XRAY drivers (five in final) take top five, Guerra and Artiles fighting the whole race for the victory. Finally J. Guerra win and became the leader of the Championship.

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1. Javier Guerra XB808
2. Cristian Artiles XB808
3. Antonio Sosa XB808
4. Sergio Betancor XB808
5. Moises Diaz XB808

6. Armiche Aleman
7. Domingo Garcia
8. Yonatan Guerra
9. Antonio Rodriguez
10. Juan llarena

Fastest lap: Javier Guerra 43"805 - XRAY XB808