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Race report by Mouzouris
The race took place near the Athens Airport at the 2fast4u track. Truggy is not a famous class in Greece but we try to improve this by supporting truggy races even with few drivers.

1. Priftis
2. Zanos
3. Karousos
4. Grigoriou
5. Sirigos
6. Mouzouris “Geody” XRAY XT8

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In the final Mouzouris drove steadily with minor mistakes and succeed to take the win and Championship B with the XRAY XT8.

Good job Geody and XRAY. Fanatix thank you!

Final results:

1. Mouzouris XRAY XT8

2. Karousos
3. Priftis
4. Grigoriou
5. Zanos
6. Sirigos