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Jilles vs. Craig
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With 150 drivers competing across three different classes (Invitational Electric, Open Electric and Open Nitro), there was a lot to pack into the remaining two days. Saturday brought four rounds of qualifying for the Open classes, and the first 15 races in the "Race of Champions". Sunday gave the Open drivers one final qualifying chance, followed by three leg finals in the electric class, and longer "single-leg" finals for nitro. And, of course, there were the last 15 races for the Invitational drivers.

Saterday brought nice weather with exciting finals. After round three, Drescher and Groskamp were leading the field with 4 points out of three finals. Round four and five both were placed in the same heat. Drescher wins both finals with Jilles close behind Craig. This gave Craig a leading position. After Saterday it was Drescher, followed by Groskamp and Honigl. Surikarn after a win in the first round was far behind with some disappointed finals. Sunday started with rain with the 6 round of finals. Drescher showed his great driving style in the half wet condition with a clear victory with laping almost everyone in that final. Do they use also additive in the wet? In the following rounds there were different conditions with dry and wet races. Round 8 saw a final that started in the dry and finished in the wet. A lot of cars didn’t even finished there final cause of blowing motors and speedo’s.
After 10 rounds the best 7 counted. This gave Drescher the win with Jilles his closest competiter this weekend in second with Honigl a fine third place.

Final Results:
1. Craig Dresher Asso
2. Jilles Groskamp Xray
3. Hubert Hönigl Losi

Setup of Jilles Groskamp is available for download here at www.myTSN.com

The full report from Jilles Groskamp can be found here.